Has it Been a Year Already?

It seems like only yesterday. It seems like eons. I can still hear your voice, “Hello Punkin!”. It’s an echo in my mind.

I can’t see your smile. But I remember your hugs. I can almost feel you here. I still reach for the phone to call and say hello. Then, I pull back as though it burns, because it does. Because I can’t call you.

I miss you. I miss your hugs. I miss your laugh. Your “Hello Punkin!” so enthusiastic and warm. I miss knowing that Mom is there. There whenever I need a warm place. There when I need a pick me up. Just… there. It’s just not the same without Mom.

Where are you? Why did you go? It seems only yesterday. It seems like eons. Will it get any easier? I can’t believe it’s been almost a year now.

Love ya Mom. Always and forever.