Echoes on the Wind

On a moonlit night, she sits by the pond,
waiting for her lover, forever gone.
Echoes of his cries carried on the wind,
her heart breaks and her arms yearn for him
to hold her, yet once again.

On a moonless night, he sat by the pond,
waiting for his lover to come along.
His final cry for her was carried on the wind
as his heart stopped and his life slowly dimmed,
his wife to hold, never again.

Echoes on the Wind – Fate

On a moonless night, a blackened pond,
witness to a soul forever gone.
Ripped from this world yet too soon,
on a cold, dark night that saw no moon.

She mourns, it seems for endless years,
her love encased within her tears.
They flow, a warmth upon her skin
as she sees images of him.

His soul, carried on the wind
to her chamber, he spies within
his wife, a love that shall endure
through death’s eternal shores.

On her skin she feels a gentle touch
a soft caress that speaks yet so much.
His embrace, she falls gently to the floor
her passing quiet as he meets her at death’s door.